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Chooze to be different…Dallas Photographer

This is one of my top favorite shoots I’ve ever been a part of! I had the privilege of photographing an event for the new shoe line, Chooze and it was a fabulous day of watching boys and girls, young and old fall in love with these unique, super cute and COLORFUL mismatched shoes!

Shortly after the event, Sharon who is the brilliant designer and owner of Chooze, asked me to do a shoot for the shoe line with teenagers wearing them! Sharon and I both have little girls close to the same age and so they had a grand time modeling like the big girls and running around with colorful shoes! I love the story of how it all got started being that her daughter loved to wear mismatched shoes! I also love that their mission is to install creativity, confidence and the ability to stand out and be extraordinary in kid’s lives! These are many of the same reasons that I love to take pictures and let little lives shine, each and every one so unqiue!

If you haven’t checked them out yet, you might see them being sported around town by Angelina and Brad’s kids! Hurry up and chooze your pair and 100% of profits will be invested into anti-poverty programs as well!

They are the perfect shoes for our colorful wardrboe and make our footsies so happy!

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